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Sat Aug 20 12:30:09 MDT 1994

Date: Sat, 20 Aug 1994 03:08:43 +0700
From: djones at (donna jones)
Subject: science and technology

"Marx seems to have underestimated the resiliency of capitalism and its
ability to adapt to the changing conditions

Capitalism? You're sending a message from a govt school (socialism) over a
partly govt communications media (partly socialist) after, probably, driving
over govt roads (socialism). The Federal Register, a list of Federal (only)
economic regulations (fascism), is over 12K pages long. The US has not even
been close to capitalism since around the late 19th century. Even the US
Consstution is partly socialist (post office, roads) and fascist (power to
regulate interstate commerce. I do note,however, that regardless of the
long-term growth of govt, the shrinking capitalist part of the economy is
blamed for all problems. The implication is that even 99% socialism/fascism is
"really" capitalism! Well, if toothbrushes are privately owned and
unregulated, then, by what passes for reasoning, there will never be


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