Rosalyn Wallach-Bologh

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Mon Aug 22 22:57:44 MDT 1994

While people are dropping books, I'd like to reccomend one that  that seem
entirely overlooked (I've never seen it in anyone elses bib- I'd actually
like to hear some reaction to it.) I've found invaluable, It is also a
wonderful begining place for Marx and companion to the Early Writing, which
is what it served for me. It may even  have defined my weirdness as a Marxist
(think i'm still right tho)

Rosalyn Wallach-Bologh, *Dialectical Phenomenology: Marx's Method*

It's a study based on the *Grundrisse*, in many ways it has also place my
perspective close to Lefebvre who I beleive also bases his method on that
which is developed in the G.


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