Stephen Grossman -- Let The Good Times Roll!

Zodiac zodiac at
Tue Aug 23 07:22:27 MDT 1994

What a thrill to have found Stephen Grossman here!

I was away for a few weeks and came back to find Stephen Grossman joined
the Marxism list with an opening post on August 14.

What a surprise to find he now dominates discussion!

Grossman, for you net neophtyes, is an extreme right-wing Randian paranoid
with a permanent hard-on for anything relating to Marx or the USSR.
Discussion is futile. He's often mentioned in alt.usenet.kooks -- one of
the few appropriate uses of the term "kook" (so often misused as a term
for "eccentric"). He's the Ludwig Plutonium of the Rand faction.

I shall, at least temporarily, rename this Pine folder "Drivel List" for
the coming weeks.

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