Grossman and discussion--please READ

Jonathan Beasley Murray jbmurray at
Tue Aug 23 13:30:56 MDT 1994

I would rather this list did not concern itself overly with the specific
personalities of those who contribute to it.

If anyone judges other participants to be "cowards," "kooks," or
whatever, then so be it.  However, I suspect that we can all make up our
own minds and judgments and have busy enough lives that we don't need to
plough through other people's posted declarations.  The traffic on the
list is heavy enough already.

Clearly, I think, most of those on the list would disagree with most of
Stephen Grossman's stated positions on both marxism and the Soviet bloc.
This in itself is not a problem, as far as I am concerned.  List-members
should decide whether or not they wish to engage with his positions; for
those who do not wish to, the delete key is always handy, and there
are other voices and debates on the list.

The spoon collective (which runs this list, among others) aims not to
curtail or to impose rules upon the discussion which takes place on its
lists.  We try to rely on the common sense of those who participate.



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