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Jonathan Beasley Murray jbmurray at
Tue Aug 23 14:11:31 MDT 1994

OK, the bugs should have been fixed--and the text below should really
help you to get into the archive (the instructions are now slightly

The marxism archive is on the road!

The archive is located somewhere in Texas on a machine called Deleuze
(don't ask).

So far the first two weeks' posts have been put on it--I'm working on the

To get at them, type "ftp"
It will ask you for a login id and password; type "deleuze" for both.
Type "cd marxism/1994"

Then type "ls" which should give you the list of the files that are on
the archive.  At the moment these are "marxism_12Jul.94" and
"marxism_19Jul.94"  Each of these contains one week's worth of posts,
with the headers stripped to reduce unnecessary information.

To receive one of these type "get filename"

then type "quit"

And this should do it.

Jon Beasley-Murray
(supposedly) Literature Program
Duke University
(but still) jbmurray at


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