It was 26 years ago...

wesley david cecil wcecil at
Wed Aug 24 12:43:46 MDT 1994

In response to Jukka's comments about the need to in-vision a future that
people want in order to bring them onto the band wagon I would say that
seems very true and is also a big problem.  First, soem Marxist critics
are quick to criticze consumerism but really people just love it(myself
included, although it runs contrary to all of my beliefs).  So while 15
kinds of toothpaste seems like a waste when most of the world does not
have toothpaste, people absolutely love it.  The problem is, and this is
my second point, is why should we expect a revolution to provide a future
that "we" like better, we here referring to western bourgoise
intellectuals?  I mean, if toothpaste is a luxury item in much of the
world, what about Universities and the Internet?  Who are we trying to
sign on to our vision of the new future and what does that say about our
own invvestments?


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