Laclau & Mouffe?

Jukka Laari jlaari at
Sun Aug 21 10:50:18 MDT 1994

Chris Nagle mentioned two weeks ago Laclau and Mouffe's _Hegemony and
Socialist Strategy_. Chris, what did you have in mind? Tell us! You wrote,
that you are reconsidering...

(Word of "declaration": I finally got time to take a look at "Hegemony"
and it seems ambiguously familiar. I don't remember when/if I've read
it, and yet the first 100 pages... well, it was like remembering -
obviously one professor told about it to us, the students in the 1980s.
Anyway, I'm going to read it through as soon as possible and after that
_New Reflections on the Revolution of Our Time_. I have to re-write &
re-structure my lecture on 'contemporary trends in social theory' and it
seems at the moment, that Laclau & Mouffe do have quite a lot to say on
that theme, too. Surely "Hegemony" isn't out-of-date yet.)

Jukka Laari


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