It was 26 years ago...

wesley david cecil wcecil at
Thu Aug 25 22:04:40 MDT 1994

This all well and good but it seems like democracy is taking on a lot of
utopic connotations.  I see no reason to think democracy is any better or
worse than stalinist dictatorship for deiciding what should be produced.
If it worked out well for a brief period in Czechoslovakia, great, but I
am not convinced a proletariat democracy is better than any other
particualr system.

 On Thu, 25 Aug 1994, Louis N Proyect wrote:

> Under socialism, the producers would decide what is produced and how it
> is to be distributed--democratically. The Czech experiment was noteworthy
> for the flowering of worker's democracy. I have vivid recollections of
> manifestos produced by factory committees that outlined an egalitarian
> approach to socialism--something that was a lot closer to Marx's original
> vision than anything I've seen in developing countries. You really do
> need a proletariat to make socialism possible. Czechoslovakia had such a
> proletariat.
> >


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