The Future

Ron Press anclondon at
Thu Dec 1 00:35:21 MST 1994

I am now retired. I am a chemical engineer. I have been a member of
the South African Communist Party since 1955. I was on the Executive
of the South African Congress of Trade Unions, and an active member
of the African National Congress.

I am particularly interested in how the new concepts of Chaos Theory
, Emergence, Fractals etc link up with and extend Marxism. I see no
contradictions but rather an extension and re invigorating of Marxism.

I have written some pieces on the subject which have been published
in a rather obscure journal. Would it be useful if I down loaded the
major one onto this group. It is in Word Perfect 5.1 5000 words, 98K.

If so please let me know. I am new to the use of Email for discussionis
although I have been using it as a mailing service for some years.



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