computers and socialism, in general.

JULES D. TUYES antjdtx at
Thu Dec 1 14:23:13 MST 1994

We might want to be very careful when we conceive of how the exchange of
information over computers actually supports socialist modes of living.
Market capitalism is especially good at commoditizing even "free"
information.  Capitalist/authoritarian modes of governing like the
military, for instance, have used the introduction of computers into their
beurocracies as a way of cutting their costs (A great disapointment for
the non-violent movement and socialist as we finally got to believe that
military spending, preparing for that demonic socialism was finally being
reduced). For me, the most important tactic that undermines this kind of
"information manipualtion" is our continued use of resources like the
internet, and further, ensuring access to radical ideas for people that
cannot afford ecxpensive commodities like texts in a system.  I try to
remember that I live in a system that thrives on new technologies, and
that treats new ideass these projects as appropriatable sub-cultures of
fashion, not new, technologically possible ways of governing.


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