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From: Phil O'Hara
Subject: A-Z Marxist Political Economy [MPE] Mark II
Date: 4 December 1994
Comments are most welcome (any glaring omissions?)

The three original a-z lists for MPE were developed
for the dpe by Rick Wolff, Stephen Resnick, and
myself.  Additions were suggested by some members.
I have edited and synthesized everything together
and developed a Mark 2 version of the MPE a-z.

I have tried to keep the number of entries to 32,
plus any entries listed with other subjects/
schools. Hence I have had to be ruthless! The
following list does include reference to people
who have volunteered to write/referee entries (not all
have been included). All the a-z lists for the schools
of political economy have one entry for the major
influence of that school: Karl Marx in this case.
There are many entries from other schools and
subjects that are relevant to MPE. EG: from the
following committees: socialist, social democratic
and communist PE; method and philosophy;
cycles, waves and crises; the state and macro,
work and production; money, credit and finance;

If you have an interest in writing/refereeing a specific
entry let me know. (Note: S Resnick is willing to
write a couple of the entries with his name added.)

If there is no debate of this a-z list, then we can treat
it as more or less final, subject to DPE discussions
at the Eastern Economic Association, etc.

Details of DPE

Total content pages of the dpe: 800 pages
Total number of a-z entries: 650
Number of words per page: 800
Number of words in dpe: 640,000
Average size of entries: 1000 words
Number of Schools/Subjects (Committees): 20
Average pages/entries/words per school-subject:
40 (pages) 32.5 (number of entries) 32,000 (words)
Assuming: each school/subject is of equal importance.

--> = cross ref to other school/subject committee
[] = not counted in the 32.5 entries for MPE
Def & EG = a brief entry because of cross-listing
   (dealt with in more detail elsewhere)

A-Z of Marxist Economics Mark II (4 Dec1994)
Suggested sizes are:
*   100-200 words
**  500 words
*** 1000 words
**** 1500 words
***** 2000 words

Structure of Most of the Entries of at least *** Length
(1) Introduction
(2) Definition(s)
(3) Detail of Entry
(4) Critique
(5) Areas for Further Research
(6) Conclusion
(7) References
(8) Further Reading

(Not necessarily with these specific headings)

The A-Z List for MPE (below)

Capital (4 vols) in MPE ***

capital: constant and variable;fixed & circ;
   as social relation; money, prodn, circ cap; ****

capitalism, major institutions of  ***

capitalism, stages and forms  ****

circuit of social capital **** [P O'Hara]

class (altern definit: property,power,surplus labor,income, etc) ****

class processes, positions, & structures ****  [S Resnick]
   (fundam & subsum class proc; multip class posit;
   ancient,comm,slave,feudal, cap, soc)

classes of capitalism (& class struggle/consciousness) ****

commodities, money, and fetishism ***

competition and the average rate of profit within/across industries ***

composition of capital (organic, technical, etc) ***

conference of socialist economists **

contradictions of capitalism (--> cycles/waves/crises) ****

determinism and overdetermination [S Resnick] ****
   (--> method/phil)

dialectical and historical materialism ****
   (--> method & phil)

exploitation and surp value (rate of; nec & surp LT) ***
   [S Resnick]

forces and relations of production (Cohen etc) ***

holism and totality (marx PE; inst PE;
   struct;human;nondeterm) (--> method/Phil) ****

journals of PE (current: RRPE,JEI,JPKE,RPE,RSE,C&C,
   AJE&S,SPE,CJE,JAPE,RTM,MR,S&S,E&S etc) *****
   (--> HPE)

Marx, Karl ****

Marxist PE, history of *****

Marxist PE, varieties (rational choice, overdeterm,
   monthly rev; fundam, etc) *****

modes of production and social formations:
   evolut & transition **** [S Resnick]

monopoly capitalism (Steindl,Baran/Sweezy/etc) ***

primary accumulation **

production, consumption, distribution, exchange
   (eg Grundrisse) ***

productive/unprod labor and capital **** [S Resnick]

rate of profit, falling tendency of (& countertend) ***

reserve army of the unemployed ***

simple and extended reproduction ***

six book plan (Grundrisse etc) *** [P O'Hara]

surplus approaches to PE (--> HPE) *****

surplus value as interest, profit and rent
   (& cap,banker,rentier)***

transformation problem ****

turnover time of capital ***

union for radical political economics & RRPE ***

use value and exchange value [S Keen]

value and reproduct of labor power *** (--> FPE)

value theory in MPE ****

value, price of production, market price, etc ***




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