Reading Das Kapital with Undergraduates from Utah

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Sun Dec 4 12:15:58 MST 1994

Anyone interested in giving input to my class on Marx's Capital?

>From January until March 1995 I will be teaching here at the
University of Utah an advanced Undergraduate Class which does a close
reading of Marx's Capital.  This class has an innovative format in
which most of the interaction with the student takes place on e-mail.
I have prepared a new translation and detailed Annotations to Chapters
1, 2, 4, 12, and 19 of volume I, with many study questions
interspersed, and the class as a whole will tackle Chapter 25 without
having it pre-digested for them.  My Annotations are 150 pages on
densely typeset two-column letter size format.

The students have to answer some of these questions every week and
submit the answers by e-mail.  I will carefully comment on them, and
bring interesting example answers and other pertinent issues to the
attention of the whole class.  I hope that there will be a lively
e-mail discussion group.  I am teaching such a class on a regular
basis in the usual classroom setting and the class is popular.  At
this point 50 students have enrolled for the class in the new e-mail
format, and the number is growing.

If any of you are interested in either receiving my Annotations (and
giving me their input about those) or listening in on the class and
making an occasional e-mail contribution, I would consider this an
enrichment of my class which would be greatly appreciated.  If there
are students out there who are interested in our Graduate Program,
they are especially invited.  If you are interested, please contact me
personally, not through this list.  Once I know how much interest
there is I can make the appropriate arrangements and give you more
details.  (The postscript file for the Annotations is 2 megabytes).
Also tell me whether you know German, because than I can prepare a
version of my Annotations which shows both the German and English text
of the above Chapters of Marx's Kapital.

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