Thu Dec 8 09:16:10 MST 1994

	While I have enjoyed reading the various postings on Internet, let's
not run head-strong into saying that the system itself came from purely
"non-capitalist" beginnings.  If you define the market as purely motivated by
profit, you are being extremely narrow.  The truth is, the whole system has
EVOLVED as one of the most illustrative examples of what Hayek would call, a
"spontaneous order."  As Louis and Steve have suggested, it is "libertarian" in
this sense, in its roots.  It is certainly not the result of some kind of
centralized plan, and that is one of its virtues.
	Please note that the real threat to Internet is not so much the Bill
Gates of the world but the GOVERNMENT which talks in terms of an Information
Superhighway, which would give them access to email and private correspondence.
When the state gets involved with Internet, as if to "plan" its "order," look
for massive invasions of civil liberties, and new blacklists.
					- Chris
Dr. Chris M. Sciabarra
Visiting Scholar, N.Y.U. Department of Politics
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