Jonathan P. Beasley-Murray jpb8 at
Sat Dec 10 13:40:28 MST 1994

We are on the verge of changing the site of the marxism list--it should
only be a matter of days (even hours!) now.

In fact, everyone should have received a test message via the new site
already.  Please send me a private message if you didn't get this test
(from spoons at

You will *not* have to resubscribe to the new list at the new site.  For
those who have been waiting to unsubscribe, however, please wait a little
longer--new subscriptions and unsubscriptions have been frozen
temporarily.  Sorry about that.

There will be new addresses for posting messages and doing admin stuff.
I will post our new info sheet as soon as everything is set up.  Watch
out for this, and do not delete it, please.

Take care


Jon Beasley-Murray
Literature Program
Duke University
jpb8 at


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