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Tue Dec 13 11:42:57 MST 1994

Announcing MEDIATIONS, the biannual journal of the Marxist Literary Group!

MEDIATIONS 18:2 (Fall 1994) is a special issue dedicated to the legacies of
of James A. Berlin.  Subscriptions and renewals are available at the following

$15 ........Full-time Faculty
$10 ........Part-time and Temporary Faculty
$ 5 ........Students

Please send checks made payable to MEDIATIONS/MLG-ICS to

English Department 4240
Illinois State University
Normal, IL  61790-4240

Some back issues are available--for further information contact
Ron Strickland (rlstrick at

               ----Contents of MEDIATIONS 18:2----

"James A. Berlin's Social-Epistemic Rhetoric in a Transformative Frame:
A Conversation with Ira Shor"
Ira Shor interviewed by Nancy C. DeJoy, Nazareth College

"Social Epistemic Rhetoric:  Traditions, Revisions, Transformations"
Susan Brown Carlton, Pacific Lutheran University

"Critical Discursive Practices and Literal Subjectivities:  Redefining the
Terms of Composition Studies Through the Work of James A. Berlin"
Nancy C. DeJoy, Nazareth College

"Integrating English Studies:  Transforming the Relations of Theory, Research
and Pedagogy"
Anne Rosenthal, Illinois State University

"What is the Matter of Micro-History and New Historicism?"
Mary Gallucci, University of Connecticut

"Reflections on the Persistence of Poverty and the Responsibilities of
Jerry Phillips, University of Connecticut

"Foucault's Tongues"
Andrew Parker, Amherst College

"Fascists, Vigilantes and Heroes:  A Primer for Living in Falling Down"
Laurie Loftus, Carnegie Mellon University

"A Shout Out to Doug Kellner"
Response to Doug Kellner's "Rap and Black Radical Discourse" from MEDIATIONS
18:1 by William McBride, Illinois State University

MEDIATIONS is published by the Marxist Literary Group with the assistance
of the English Department Publications Unit at Illinois State University


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