Cyberspace Christmas Campaign

Tan Min-Han med30065 at
Wed Dec 14 18:56:43 MST 1994

The message forwarded to the list is a hoax circulating around the Internet.
Please do not send e-mail to the addresses. I repeat,
this is a hoax, unwittingly forwarded to the members of this mailing list.

The real Cyberspace Christmas Campaign is as follows:

Access the WWW pages of the Christmas Campaign at the site
Explore the links of _A Cyberspace Christmas_ and for each page you view,
the corporate sponsor for that page will donate $0.10 to a non-profit
group that they have adopted.

> >--------------------------------------
> >Date: 12/13/94 6:20 PM
> >Subject: Holiday Giving
> >
> >Want to do a kind thing for some hungry kids this holiday season?
> >If not, press delete now. If you have a heart and a minute, read on.
> >
> >Sun Microsystems is donating $0.10 to a food bank each time an Internet
> >user sends an email msg to any (or all) of the three addresses below:
> >
> >   santa at
> >   elves at
> >   rudolph at
> >

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