Open Marxism cites

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Sat Dec 17 11:11:14 MST 1994

citations from my last post, I don't have time to look up all the dates right

Rosalyn Wallach Bolough *Dialectical Phenomenology: Marx's Method" (RKP,

Fredrich Jameson *The Political Unconscious* (Cornell Univ Press '84 or sp)

Henri Lefebvre *The Production of Space* (Blackwell, 1992or3)
*The Sociology of Marx* (especially ch. 2&3 on Praxis and Ideology) (?, '60s)

Jurgen Habermas *Philosohical Discourse of Modernity* (MIT early '90's?)

Negt & Kluge *Social Sphere & Experience* Minisotta, 1993 (originally pub in
german 1971 or so)

Jacques Derrida "Context, Signiture, Event," in *Margins of Philosophy* (Univ
of Chicago, trans early 80's)


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