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Subject: technology and capitalism

I was impressed by our earlier thread concerning the use of radical
methods of distribution for new technologies like software or information
that satisfy our marxist disatisfaction with current, unjust modes of
distribution.  We talked about the internet and shareware, specifically.

First, I am interested in the use of share-ware.  where do I access
share-ware programs?  who benefits from the creation and free distribution
of these programs?
Second, my marxist preoccupations lie with the ways
that technologies inhibit the "free" access to power and representation of
certain people according to the criteria of class, race, gender,
sexuality,etc.  I would suggest that there are ways to subvert
"capitalism" from within, including methods like share-ware, inclusion of
marginalized products like hemp into the product-stream, like free
computer centers, and co-ops. When I think about these alternatives, I
wonder if they're enough.  Or is the introduction of these "products,
ideas and materials, satisfying a sort-of revolution that we crave? Am I
just participating in the naive liberal idea of progress and education out
of oppression, denying other forms of manipulation inherent int these new
I would most like to converse about alternatives and tactics
like co-ops, limited employer-employee profit ratios, and green
production, that operate within capitalism yet seem to me to become
somewhat counter-cultural/capitalist in intent.


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