Philip Goldstein pgold at
Wed Dec 21 05:38:11 MST 1994

	One of Jon Beasley-Murray's complaints about Bourdieu is as
follows: "He alludes to exploitation of wage-labour as the basis of
value, but
generally is content to avoid economics, asserting however that cultural
"capital" is not a metaphor: who knows what happens to the LTV or similar
traditional bases for the left-critique of (cultural) capitalism." I
believe that, like intelligence, cultural capital is acquired, not
inherited. You are not naturally an intellectual; you have to work to
become one. Bourdieu may not engage in systematic critiques of
capitalism, but analyses of cultural capital do not preclude them;
rather, these analyses give us the symbolic import of the discourse in
terms of which intellectuals and other people as well define themselves
by virtue of their region of labor.
Philip Goldstein


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