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Wed Dec 28 02:48:36 MST 1994

On the German Ideology, I have found helpful

Karl Korsch, 1938. Karl Marx.  Esp. part III, ch 2
TA Jackson, 1937. Dialectics--Its Logic and Practice and Vernon Venable,
1946. Human Nature--A Marxian View.  Don't have them in front of me, but I
remember as interesting their discussion of the German Ideology in the
context of Marx's development.
Patrick Murray,1988, Marx's Conception of Scientific Knowledge. Esp. the
discussion of how Marx settled his accounts with German Idealism.
Christoper Pines, 1993. Ideology and False Consciousness: Marx and his
Historical Progenitors.  Esp. chapters 4-6. Footnote 77 from Chapter 3 is a
very interesting discussion of whether there is a basic continuity between
the German Ideology and Capital, where the views of Callinicos, Sharp,
Lichtman,  Geras and Mepham are discussed

The bibliographies in the last two books are indeed extensive, and Pines'
book is marvelously lucid.

I also gather from many favorable mentions  that Jindrich Zeleny's chapter
on the German Ideology in his The Logic of Marx is quite good, if not
brilliant. I look forward to reading it.

I would be interested in other peoples' suggestions, so I hope that
recommendations are not sent privately.

>For a project I am working on, does anyone have recommendations
>(bibliographical references) for the best or most interesting
>commentaries on THE GERMAN IDEOLOGY?


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