autonomist marxism

Richard Wolff rwolff at
Wed Dec 28 07:41:40 MST 1994

		I like your poetry and your poetic prose. I like your
		intensity and drive. I share much of your perspective.
		But I cannot join you in the "democracy" fetish. By that
		I mean subsuming so many different dimensions, aspects,
		elements of our agenda for social change under the one
		heading of democracy viewed as some sort of ultimate
		good sweeping in all other, derivative goods with it.

		I prefer to see democracy as one among a set of revolutionary
		objectives. Its establishment may, but need not, entail the
		establishment of other elements of that set. This is rather
		like learning the lesson of earlier socialists who imagined,
		wrongly as it turned out, that socializing property entailed
		all the other goods viewed as necessary derivatives of such
		socialization. Thus, we need to define and struggle for an
		agenda that includes a specific set of social changes -
		from democratic decision-making to non-exploitative class
		structures (class in Marx's sense of processes of producing
		and distributing the surplus labor found in all communities)
		to non-oppressive communications of meanings amongs ourselves.

		The recognition of the heterogeneity of oppression and
		exploitation was premised on such a view.

		In any case, thanks for your comments, quick response,
		and poetic imagery.

		R. Wolff


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