Richard Wolff rwolff at
Wed Dec 28 07:49:04 MST 1994

	The items on the German Ideology are all fine. I would only add
that a full engagement with the ideas presented there requires also that
we contend with the range of Marxist views that do not equate ideology
with "false" consciousnesses, that see ideologies as simply the set of
different imaginaries - modes of lived relations (perceptions, conceptual
frameworks, worldviews, observations, etc.) with the world - that exist
among people at specific times and places. From Althusser in France, to
Raymond Williams and Stuart Hall in the UK, to Frederic Jameson and the
RETHINKING MARXISM group in the US - there are all sorts of approaches to
(livd relatins with) the GERMAN IDEOLOGY that see it in what might - with
trepidation - be called a postmodernist rather than a modernist
ideological cast. In short, different epistemologies are at stake and at
war when it comes to interpreting this work (and indeed all other works) of

Rick Wolff


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