Ralph Dumain rdumain at
Wed Dec 28 13:14:58 MST 1994

>we contend with the range of Marxist views that do not equate
>ideology with "false" consciousnesses

I didn't understand the rest of your sentence, but I should
mention that my interest in THE GERMAN IDEOLOGY is not primarily
in "ideology".  I guess its significance is usually seen as being
the birth of Marxism and the formulation of historical
materialism.  Of course all such analyses, and the analyses of
ideology, are important, and I need to get some sense of the
literature.  However, my interest is not so much in these things
right now, but rather the lessons to be learned from Marx's break
with the intellectual class, esp. Bruno and Stirner.  Why are
intellectuals led into the impasse they're in?

>From Althusser in France, to Raymond Williams and Stuart Hall in
>the UK, to Frederic Jameson and the RETHINKING MARXISM group

Do all of these people engage in explicit analysis of THE GERMAN
IDEOLOGY, ie. this book, not just ideology in general?

>see it in what might - with trepidation - be called a
>postmodernist rather than a modernist ideological cast.

I have no intention of seeing THE GERMAN IDEOLOGY in a postmodern
cast, not me!  Au contraire, I wish to critique the postmodern
charlatans in light of Marx's critique of Stirner et al.


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