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*}>From Althusser in France, to Raymond Williams and Stuart Hall in
*}>the UK, to Frederic Jameson and the RETHINKING MARXISM group

*}Do all of these people engage in explicit analysis of THE GERMAN
*}IDEOLOGY, ie. this book, not just ideology in general?

AFAIK most of the people Rick Wolff mentions don't focus on an exegesis
of _The German Ideology_ in particular, but rather take various
positions interpreting the meanings of "Ideology" which indirectly come
out of that book.  Another work I would recommend in roughly that light
is a doctoral dissertation by a friend of mine, named Phil Cox, who did
his dissertation at my school (UMass, about six years ago).
Unfortunately, I don't think he's attempted (or at least not succeeded)
in having it published; although I think dissertations can be obtained
on microfische.  Anyway, Cox traces the evolution of the concept
'Ideology' in Marx's works, starting with _The German Ideology_ and
tracing the changing meaning through the later works (_Grundrisse_,
etc).  While the general point is more along the lines the Wolff
zmentions about the changing meanings of the concept, there is some quite
good specific exegesis of _The German Ideology_, and the meanings that
Marx has in calling Stirner, Bauer, etc "ideologues".  Actually, it's a
real shame it's not published, since it's one of the best things I've
read on Marx's concept(s) of ideology.

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