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Wed Dec 28 14:00:04 MST 1994

Reply to Dumain:

	1. The German Ideology has been interpreted in various ways. That
is, key terms like materialism, idealism, historical, theory, practice,
etc. that are found in that work have been understood in different and
often incompatible, clashing ways. Hence, any bibliographic approach to
that work would have to, at least for completeness, include Marxist works
whose interpretation of those key terms varies from the conventional
interpretations. My list of folks like Williams, Hall, Althusser, the
Rethinking Marxism group, etc. was meant to signal you as to who to read
to get the more non-conventional interpretations.

	2.  If the interpretations and definitions of postmodernism
(themselves comprising a clashing, contested set) are left to
non-Marxists and anti-Marxists, we will have ourselves in part to blame.
There can and should be Marxist postmodernists to contest how and where
the critique of modernism (certainly a bourgeois-dominated field of
theories, arguments, and approaches) should be developed. Postmodernism
can be taken in Marxist directions; it has been taken there - indeed, by
Althusser, Williams, Hall, some of the Rethinking Marxism group, et al.
Rejecting postmodernism out of hand as a uniformly anti-Marxist field
of charlatans makes no more sense nor is any less inappropriate than
leaving the field of feminism, anti-racism, environmentalism, etc. to
those who want to take those intellectual and political movements in non-
and anti-Marxist directions.

	R. Wolff


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