Marx vs. Stirner

Ralph Dumain rdumain at
Thu Dec 29 22:14:55 MST 1994

>Marx felt really threatened by Stirner's egoism.

If that were so, what is threatening about his egoism, the mere
fact that Stiner is an advocate of egoism or is it his whole way
of looking at society and the role of the individual within it?
You must have read a different book than I did.

>Ironically, Engels's initial reaction to _The Ego and His Own_
>was quite favorable

I'd like to know more about this?  Can you explain?  Can you give
a bibliographical reference?

>criticisms of the tyranny of the socialist state dreamed of by
>Marx seem today prophetic.

Was Marx the retroactive reincarnation of Stalin?  Marx too warned
of the possibility of a pseudo-socialist state as the universal

>How about a negative unity arising from the dialectical
>contradiction between Max und Marx?

And what the hell does this mean?

>situationist-inspired group in California

Situationist dimwits!

>"The Right to Be Greedy: Theses on the Practical Necessity of
>Demanding Everything," in which they called for a "communist

Excuse me, but Marx never preached self-denial, altruism, or
collectivism -- never! -- and he was explicit in his disclaimer.

>there's Bob Black, who wrote the Preface...

All the more reason to avoid it.  (Query: how many anarchists does
it take to screw in a light bulb?)

>Remember, it may be Marx who called Stirner "Saint Max," but
>whose iconic portrait, larger than life, eventually graced
>billboards around half the world?

So is Marx posthumously responsible for Joseph Stalin?  Why do you
think Marx called Max "Saint"?  It was Stirner's way of thinking
that was at stake, not his purity.  Do you think Marx wanted
anyone to consider him sainted?

I am interested in more information about Engels' review.
Otherwise, your commentary seems to have missed the whole point.
The ill-informed, caricatured statements about Marx are quite
irksome.  As for Stirner, Marx attacks his entire intellectual
methodology.  So far I see no concern about Stirner's own
selfishness, egoism, or anything of the kind; rather, I see scorn
for the narcissism of the middle-class intellectual who refuses to
take social analysis seriously.  There are thousands of him where
I live.  Were Stirner alive today, he would be a two-bit
anti-social yuppie in Northern Virgina jacking off to Ayn Rand and
nerdily pounding away on his computer delivering right-wing
libertarian drivel to the BBS's and newsgroups of the world.


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