Marx & Stirner

Ralph Dumain rdumain at
Sat Dec 31 01:40:56 MST 1994

>Dumain was correct to point out that Marx was, for the most
>part, an amoralist,

No I wasn't, becuase I didn't.  Don't put words in my mouth.
Because Marx didn't preach morals, doesn't mean he didn't have
any.  The point against traditional moralism is that it exists in
a seeming vacuum, as if one "should" be something irrespective of
any substantial reality.  People should be good, they should love
thy neighbor, if they all came to Christ the world would change.
What horseshit.  A person who rejects this way of thinking should
not be slapped with the label 'amoralist'.  You slander Marx, and
me too.

>Marx's concept of the party in the historic (as opposed to the
>formal) sense is not all that different from Stirner's concept
>of the free union of egoists.

Marx did say something about freely associated labor.  I wouldn't
identify this with Stirner, nor would I deny such a comparison.
In a sense, the final goal of communism is "anarchy" too, ie. a
self-regulating statelessness.  Only anarchism has no intellectual
methodology, no theoretical substance, and no way of getting
there.  It is an abstraction, a vacuum, pure narcissism, and that
is why it never progresses, and is so culturally as well as
intellectually vacuous.  It comes down to black leather jackets
and safety pins in the flesh -- necrophiles!

>what branch of Marx's legacy does he identify with?

What do you mean what branch?  Sorry if I don't crawl into one of
your pigeonholes.

>News and Letters (and its inspiration, Raya Stolichnaya)?

No, not Raya Dunayevskaya.  My communications about Raya are to
respond to others or to seek out information only.  In fact, my
subject is C.L.R. James, who was associated with Raya from about
1941 to 1955: the famed(?) Johnson-Forest Tendency.  After Raya
split from James, she started a slander campaign against James
that never abated.

It so happens that James is admired by many anarchists and by
autonomists too for his views on worker self-organization.  One
anarchist who contributed to CLR JAMES: HIS LIFE AND WORK admitted
that James was theoretically superior to anarchists, who have no
theoretical analysis of society and never progress.  PRIMO MAGGIO,
an Italian journal, published some stuff on James in one issue.
There are a couple of other translations of James in Italian.  Can
anyone help me get copies?


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