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Tue Nov 1 21:04:34 MST 1994

Nov 1, 94
	Re the critique of Hayek--at the risk of repeating myself on the
list since I posted a similar message about a month ago when Chris Sciaberra
first wrote his defense of Hayak's critique of central planning: there is
a third route between central planning and market economies, which is not
market socialism (a la Schweikart)  but council socialism a la Michael
Albert and Robin Hahnel.  They explain their ideas of how a democratic
decentralized iterative planning process can work from the bottom up
from workers councils and consumer councils in local areas, with the
help of expert computer programmers who produce a series of plans whic
try to create plans based on desired inputs and outputs, estimated costs
in terms of work hours, etc which then gives local councils info about
costs and benefits of their proposals to other local councils across the
country.  Then everyone has to negotiate new plans until there is some
kind of consensus.  Check out their books "Looking Forward: Paarticpatory
Democracy in the year 2000" (a more popular version) and "Participatory
Economics", both from South End Press in Boston, the same group that
brings you Z Magazine.

	Ann Ferguson
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