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Tue Nov 1 23:15:33 MST 1994

Justin Schwartz writes, in critique of planned socialism:
> Projections based on the past year may be misleading. Say you marry or
> have a baby, or develop a new passion for acquiring old jazz and blues
> '78s, or quit your job and start a new career in a different line of work
> which requires different equipment (say you become a carpenter, as my
> ex-executive sister did), or any of a lot of other things which might
> change your consumption patterns.

This is not socialist at all. What kind of socialism can you have when the
division of labor exists?

"Planned socialsm" does not mean "a planned economy facing the same
problems as capitalism but with a direction generally helpful to most
people," i.e. fascism with a happy face. Planned socialism, or just
socialism, or communism, is the resolution of contradictions within
capitalism resulting in a wholly different society.

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