its only a pre-analytic view but I like it, like it, yes I do!

Steve.Keen at unsw.EDU.AU Steve.Keen at unsw.EDU.AU
Wed Nov 2 01:26:53 MST 1994

Guesta wrote:
|How can one be a marxist without a LTV?  -- like without LTV, tell me where
|profit comes from? ? ?
|It would be like a neo-classical minus utility trying to explain demand

Guesta may have missed the earlier LTV debate, but there's no difficulty
in explaining where profit comes from without an LTV; it's a trick that
the Sraffians have been doing for a long time, and that I argued exists
in Marx's own analysis. But I had enough of elaborating it last time
to bother doing so again.
Steve Keen


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