Marxist Feminism!

Wed Nov 2 21:58:02 MST 1994

Dear Comrades: As a member of the Marxism network for some time, I
can't remember reading anything on Marxist Feminism. I was wondering
if there is anybody out there interested in that. Or perhaps nowadays
we call it the political economy of Gender. It would be good to have
a good spattering of feminists on this network; traditional Marxism
is perhaps a good dea chauvinist, assuming household labour etc to be
non-productive. I have written an article, very much influenced by
Marxism, to be published in the Review of Social Economy (No 1 for
1995) on "Family, Household Labour and Macroeconomic Instability in
the United States: 1940s-1990s", which is aided by Engels, Polanyi,
social structures of accumulation theory (neo-Marxist political economy)
and feminism.

There is of course a feminist economist network. Now there is a journal,
Feminist Economics, emerging next year. I think Marxist scholars should
treat this subject very seriously. With that in mind, I will be sending
in the next two email messages, details on how to subscribe to this
journal and information about writing for it.

My own research links to the institutional dimensions of Marx, the work
of Thorstein Veblen, and modern marxist and Institutional political
economy. I have a book coming out next year: Marx, Veblen, and Modern
Institutional Economics: Principles and Dynamics of Capitalism (Elgar).
That's another theme that could be discussed. I tend to treat Marx
as he did Ricardo: with critical sympathy. In fact I think the insights
of aspects of Marx, Schumpeter, Veblen, Keynes, Karl Polanyi, Feminism
are sufficiently in continuity for some sort of eclectic merging of
similar themes to occur for the development of a modern radical political
economy. That's another theme that I don't remember seeing on the net.

I hope you don't mind me placing information about Feminist Economics;
it's not an ad for me, as I am not on the editorial board! But I think
Marxists should treat this seriously!!

Yours in solidarity, cheers, and in search for grand dialectical
syntheses and holistic contradictions!    Phil O'Hara

P O'Hara Econ Curtin Uni, GPO Box U1987, Perth 6001 Australia
email:   noharapa at
telephone:  +61-9-351-7761     fax:  351-3026


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