the degenerated workers state and yugoslavia

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Fri Nov 4 19:39:46 MST 1994

Yea, we should take this offline soon.  But there's still some important stuff

SERB PEOPLE IN THIS SITUATION?  I will grant you every argument: yes the Serbs
have sinned. You would have a hard time that that they have sinned more
than the neo-Nazis with which Croatia is crawling right now, who started this
horrible "ethnic cleansing." But fine.  When they get to the pearly gates, let
St. Peter jot it down in his accounting book. My point is that I would just as
soon not push them towards those pearly gates just yet, or at least not as
many and not as soon as the imperialist sobs who have got them in their
gunsights right now, and the liberals and little left drummer boys, as the Sparts term
them, would have them go.  Is that OK with you?  How precisely is this morally
wrong of me to argue?  I just don't get it.

I do indeed think that Trotsky was right about Schachtman, and that I'm right
about both Schactmanites and Althusserians, when I say that you all are being
impressionistic, moralistic, and phobic: STANDOFFISH vis PRAXIS, the applicationof
your "pure theory" spawned out in the armchair, to practice.  What indeed
are the practical consequences of your precious theories which you hold to your chests
as if they were precious jewels, not to be contaminated by consideration
of these very questions.  Like how many people are going to DIE?  And which
side of the struggle between imperialism and the world's proletariat and peasantry,are you in
are you in fact SUPPORTING?

When you make moralistic arguments about "national culpability," when you bait
me because I haven't sufficiently acknowledged the nationalist culpability
question (to the point that I'm supposed to forget about imperialism), then
I have a problem. And I say, as your friend and comrade, that it is YOU, Pete,
who is engaged in immoral choices--far more than the Serb people, who are so
confused by their bureaucratic, nationalist misleaderships that I don't see
how anyone can accuse them of CONSCIOUSNESS, let alone GUILT.




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