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Fri Nov 4 21:30:25 MST 1994

RE this post. Did my critique of A&H get posted? If not I'll post it
again. I think it did. It seems to me that someone (Doug, maybe) made a
brief comment on it.


On Tue, 1 Nov 1994, Ann Ferguson wrote:

> Nov 1, 94
> 	Re the critique of Hayek--at the risk of repeating myself on the
> list since I posted a similar message about a month ago when Chris Sciaberra
> first wrote his defense of Hayak's critique of central planning: there is
> a third route between central planning and market economies, which is not
> market socialism (a la Schweikart)  but council socialism a la Michael
> Albert and Robin Hahnel.  They explain their ideas of how a democratic
> decentralized iterative planning process can work from the bottom up
> from workers councils and consumer councils in local areas, with the
> help of expert computer programmers who produce a series of plans whic
> try to create plans based on desired inputs and outputs, estimated costs
> in terms of work hours, etc which then gives local councils info about
> costs and benefits of their proposals to other local councils across the
> country.  Then everyone has to negotiate new plans until there is some
> kind of consensus.  Check out their books "Looking Forward: Paarticpatory
> Democracy in the year 2000" (a more popular version) and "Participatory
> Economics", both from South End Press in Boston, the same group that
> brings you Z Magazine.
> 	Ann Ferguson
> 	aferguso at


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