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Fri Nov 4 23:52:58 MST 1994

On Fri, 4 Nov 1994, Rebecca Hill wrote:
>   I too am interested in Marxist feminism, but sadly enough discussion of
> it has died out recently. I particularly like Gayatri Spivak and Elizabeth
> Gurley Flynn of course. I'm in American Studies/Women's Studies and try to
> do "gendered history of radicalisms" or something like that.
> Good to know that others are out there
> What do you guys(gals?) make of the base/superstructure material/culture
> quandary that besets discussions of capitalism and patriarchy?

There's a lot of room for theoretical advancement. Gramsci successfully
extended the Marxist critique into the cultural realm, and of course he
influenced many fields. I'm not sure if feminist theory has linked
patriarchy and Gramsci's hegemony but it seems as if it could be done.
Another possibility would be to view patriarchy through historical
materialism; the dialectic between patriarchy and capitalism is worth

Again, I have no idea if works along these lines have been done, as my
familiarity with both Feminist and Feminist Marxist literature is very

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