Marxist Feminism

wesley david cecil wcecil at
Sat Nov 5 22:21:15 MST 1994

> Marxists, however, have tended to use the word as a synonym for
> "economic," including class. So looking for the "material basis" might
> mean, what's the economic explanation for this phenomenon? The contrast
> here is with merely ideological or cultural explanations.
> I think the usage in feminist theory is even more varied, less
> well-defined, and unstable than Marxist usage. There is no one usage which
> qualifies as THE canonical feminist reading.
>  --Justin Schwartz
Right, just my point.  Since there is debate among Marxists and certainly
no agreement among feminists the way the question of materiality is
figured(usually implicitly) is quite telling.  Often in functions as an
aporia into which irreducible differences and suspect reasoning is
shoved.  Hence my interest.



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