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Sun Nov 6 00:43:28 MST 1994

> Don't cry "wolf." It's not barbarism in your neighborhood unless the tanks
> roll in. You need a sense of proportion, in part to recognize how bad
> things are where they are very bad.

My point is not that, "We're all dying!" but that "We will all die."
Capitalism will lead to a general death, and so I consider it to be

> [...]
> Incidentally capitalism is not solely responsible for all wars, although
> it obviously plays a role in most conflicts today.

Which war does it not play a role in? The PRC's invasion of Mongolia? That
was a rather short-lived war. Maybe the Libyan-Chad conflict, of which I
am unfamiliar except that it exists. Armenia -- Azerbaijan?

> But there are other sources of war, not all of which would be removed
> even by socialism. And we cannot understand existing conflicts if we
> persist in thinking that they are simply reflexes of imperialism. Which
> isn't to say that imperialism has nothing to do with them.

But under socialism / communism we could prevent wars, such as the
genocide in Rwanda, rather than ignorning them. The war munitions trade
would be largely halted so that the firepower available to the Hutus would
not have been available, a quite different World Bank would actually
promote growth in the Rwandan economy thus eliminating intensity of petty
conflicts, etcetera.

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