anticipation of demand

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Sun Nov 6 01:15:15 MST 1994

On Sat, 5 Nov 1994 Steve.Keen at unsw.EDU.AU wrote:
> I, like Justin, would like to see how the "next socialism" would avoid
> the problems the "last socialism" generated. Apart from Allin and Paul's
> attempts to show how computers could take the place of markets (which
> covers only allocation, not production), all I have seen so far on this
> list are frankly embarrassingly idealistic notions of a socialist nirvana.

The problem is one of democratic organization and thus it is ridiculous to
attempt to map out ahead of time exactly how such a society will work and
why it will be in equilibrium with the rest of the world, particularly
because there is no such thing as equilibrium in history--everything

To produce a model showing how a democratic economy would work would not
only point to the undemocratic nature of the model, but also fall victim
to the trap of bourgeois ideology which holds that everything can be
reduced, atomized, and understood on a wholly abstract level. The devil
_is_ in the details, and it's not the problem right now anyway.

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