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FS300131 at Sol.YorkU.CA FS300131 at Sol.YorkU.CA
Sun Nov 6 10:11:52 MST 1994

We are preparing a translation of an article on Engels and mathematics
for the journal "Nature, Society, and Thought" written by a Cuban
philosopher. She cites a statement by Lenin that, in translation
from the Spanish, reads "The unity of nature is shown by the astonishing
similarity of differential equations that refer to different orders
of phenomena" and gives the reference as p. 260 to an edition of
Materialism and Empirio-Criticism published in Buenos Aires in

Can anyone identify this statment by chapter and section so that
we can find it in an English-language edition?

Erwin Marquit
FS300131 at sol.yorku.ca
(on sabbattical from Univ. of Minnesota)


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