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Mon Nov 7 19:48:59 MST 1994


Im another person interested in Marxist and socialist feminism.  Does anyone
else who has read Maria Mies' "Patriarchy and Accumulation on a World Scale"
agree with me that her theory that capitalism is parasitic on a patriarchal
appropriation of women's unreciprocated labor think that she might have been
influenced by Rosa Luxemburg's "Accumulation of Capital"?  Luxemburg didnt
agree with the labor theory of value either, and saw imperialism as necessary
to capital accumulation, that is, capitalism had to keep dealing with the
problem of falling profits by appropriating resources from noncapitalist
economies.  Has anyone read Raya Dunyaskaeva's critique of Luxemburg on
this and what do you think of it?

	Also Im fascinated by Mies claim that the housewification of women
in industrial capitalism parallels the appropriation of peasant women (and
mens) precapitalist labor in the Third World.  What do people think about

	As to Justin Schwartz's critique of Albert and Hahnel on council
socialism,  I am not convinced that the time spent planning or the privacy
issue are as problematic as he thinks.  After all, I spend lots and lots of
time going thru my yearly expenditures now in order to get out of paying
income tax, putting them all into categories, adding them up, etc.  Id be
a lot happier to do that if the reason was not to try to cheat the govt
out of money that goes disproportionately to the military, harms the
environment and is spent in paternalistic and ineffectual social service
spending but to adjudicate exchanges of work and goods with other "free,
associated producers"!!

	The Radical Philosophers Conference in Des Moines last weekend was
wonderful.  There will be the 2nd National Conference two years from now
at Purdue University in Indiana.  Look for it and you will not be
disappointed.  Write Richard Schmitt for more info on RPA, the RPA
Newsletter (which reviews radical and feminist and antiracist philosophy
books etc).  You can reach him at: rschmitt at

	Ann Ferguson
	aferguso at

	(As of Dec. 9 I will be back at UMass/Amherst with a new email
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