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  The Changing Face of American Life in Maps & Graphics
by Doug Henwood, 127 pages

US and Canada: Simon & Schuster/Touchstone, ISBN 0-671-79695-X
elsewhere: Penguin, ISBN 0-14-024302-X

A full-color look at social life in the United States -- demography,
economics, society, culture, politics. With extensive analytical notes
and pungent captions.


      section divider graphic: national ancestry

1 POPULATION - population growth, 1970-92; center of population, 1790-
1990; elderly population, 1993 and 2020

2 THE MULTI-CULTURE - "minority" (all but non-Hispanic white) population
by state, 1990; concentration of Hispanics and African Americans;
closeups of minority populations in Mississippi, New York, DC, Texas,
Florida, and California; the diversity of the Hispanic and Asian
population; ethnicity of U.S. population, 1990 and 2050

3 WORLD NATION - foreign-born population by state; immigrants in 1991
and their preferred state destinations; legal immigrants as share of
state populations; rare factoids on emigration from the U.S.

4 ELBOW ROOM - population density by state and for major cities; U.S.
densities in international context

5 ON THE MOVE - share of population in 1990 who lived in a different
state in 1985; regional migration patterns; migration into and out of
California; U.S. mobility compared with other countries

6 SUB-URBAN AMERICA - shares of population living in suburbs and central
cities; urban and suburban office space in major markets; the growth of
shopping malls, 1965-92

      section divider graphic: growth in per capita income, 1975-93

7 MANUFACTURING - share of gross state product from manufacturing;
change in share of manufacturing jobs by state; inset showing growth of
maquiladoras and auto plants in Mexico and manufacturing job losses in
Canada; fastest growing occupations, BLS projections, 1992-2005

8 FARMING - share of gross state product from farming; share of farmland
using irrigation; farm output and employment, 1980-93; U.S. share of
world farm output and exports for major crops

9 FINANCE - share of gross state product from finance, insurance, and
real estate (FIRE); FIRE employment and output; FIRE output as percent
of manufacturing output, 1985-91

10 TRADE ROUTES - arrows showing major U.S. trading partners; exports by
state as percent of personal income, 1992; U.S. imports and exports as
percent of GDP, 1973-93

11 THE SEARCH FOR PROFIT - arrows showing major country targets of U.S.
foreign direct investment abroad and source countries for direct
investment in U.S.; profit rates on direct investment by U.S. abroad and
by foreign countries in U.S.; share of manufacturing workers by state
employed by foreign-owned firms; major investment cluster countries for
U.S., European Union, and Japan

12 WINNERS & LOSERS - rise or decline in new business incorporations by
state, 1991-93; liabilities of business failures by state; number of
headquarters for Fortune 500 companies by state, 1992 vs. 1967;
industrial sectors on Business Week's Companies on the Move, 1993

13 SHADES OF GREEN - state "Green Indexes" from Institute for Southern
Studies; priority hazardous waste sites by state; international
comparisons of greenhouse gas emissions and municipal waste generation;
particulate air pollution and death rates in 6 U.S. cities

14 LABOR - state shares of U.S. labor force; change in union share of
workforce by state, 1953-92; part-time work, 1968-92; U.S. wages vs.
other countries; average wages by sex, race, and union status, 1992

15 WOMEN WORKING - women's labor force participation rates by state;
women in various occupations, 1972 and 1992; women's incomes as a
percent of men's, 1980-92; child care arrangements of working mothers

16 PERSONAL INCOME - average pretax personal income by state; income
distribution by state; incomes by race and sex; U.S. income distribution
vs. other industrial countries

17 TAXES - state and local taxes per $1,000 in personal income by state;
GAO fiscal soundness grade by state; effective tax rate on richest 1% by
state, with markers showing the especially regressive states; tax bite
on average industrial worker, OECD countries; federal taxes paid less
federal spending received by state

18 THE PROMISED LAND - poverty rates by state; demographic makeup of the
poor; various definitions of poverty

      section divider graphic: Human Development Index (UN Development
        Programme), for major countries and for U.S. by race

19 A START IN LIFE - birth rates by state; infant mortality by state;
international comparisons of infant mortality with U.S. broken down by
race; U.S. life expectancy by race and sex

20 FAMILIES - marriage and divorce rates by state; births outside
marriage, international comparison; household types, 1960 and 1992

21 LITERACY AND LEARNING - illiteracy in English, by state; highest and
lowest spending states on education; high school and college graduates
by sex and ethnicity; literacy levels in U.S. (high/medium/low)

22 A MODERN PLAGUE - AIDS cases by state and metropolitan area;
distribution of HIV infection worldwide; U.S. cumulative deaths from
AIDS by year

23 THE COSTS OF CARE - share of population not covered by health
insurance; states with most and fewest doctors per 100,000 people; share
of GDP spent on health care, U.S., 1960-91, and internationally, 1991;
mortality rates by race and income

24 ABORTION - number of women per abortion clinic, by state;
metropolitan areas with no abortion provider; abortions per 1,000 live
births, by state; violence against abortion clinics

25 GAYS AND THE LAW - sodomy laws by state; jurisdictions with full and
partial civil rights laws for lesbians and gays; "feelings thermometer,"
rating expressions of warmth and coldness towards gays and lesbians,
liberals, conservatives, environmentalists, blacks, whites, feminists,
cops, and other notorious social groups

26 THE FAT OF THE LAND - snack food habits by region; market share of
snack foods; meat, fruit, and vegetable consumption, 1970-91; share of
population that is obese by sex and income; effects of french fries on
the northwestern environment

27 CRIME - violent crime rates by state; imprisonment rates by state;
public perceptions of danger in major cities, and their actual violent
crime rates; international comparisons of murder and incarceration
rates; the race of murder victims and their murderers

28 SANCTIONED KILLING - capital punishment status and techniques by
state; death row populations; countries enforcing the death penalty;
race of death row population

29 IN GOD WE TRUST - religious adherents as portion of population by
state; state concentrations of major denominations; denominational
makeup of population; Christian radio and TV, 1983 and 1993

30 THE CONSCIOUSNESS INDUSTRY - number of daily newspapers and radio
stations per state; major newspaper chains; worldwide reach of MTV and
CNN; TV sets and newspaper circulation per 1,000 persons, various

      section divider graphic: Times Mirror political typology, 1992

31 ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL - number of state and local government units
per 100,000 people; state and local employees per 1,000 people; types of
local governments, 1972 and 1992; state and local government spending as
share of all government spending, G7 countries

32 THE PERMANENT GOVERNMENT - lawyers per 10,000 persons, by state; PAC
and soft money contributions to parties and congressional candidates;
lobbyists in DC

33 THE ELECTED GOVERNMENT - change in Democratic, Republican, and
Independent share of vote by state, 1980 to 1992; winner's vote as share
of voting age population, 1960-92; makeup of 103rd Congress by sex and

34 DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA - voter turnout by state, 1992 election; voter
turnout by income and ethnicity; voter turnout, international
comparison; voter registration by race in South, 1960 and 1976

35 THE PENTAGON - value of military contracts and payroll per person, by
state, 1992; announced personnel changes for 1993 and beyond; military
share of GDP, 1970-98; U.S. bases and base closures, worldwide


STATE TABLES - state-by-state figures for: population; percent foreign
born; percent speaking language other than English; percent who lived in
a different state; share non-Hispanic white, black, Hispanic, Asian,
Native American; share urban, suburban, rural; state and local taxes per
$1,000 personal income; shares of gross state product in manufacturing,
farming, FIRE; percent of labor force unionized; percent of women in
labor force; poverty rate; share without health insurance; infant
mortality by race; doctors per 100,000 persons; marriages and divorces
per 1,000 persons; illiteracy rate; AIDS cases per 1,000 persons;
abortions per 1,000 births and 1,000 women per abortion clinic; violent
crime rate; units of government; voter turnout; military spending

NOTES AND SOURCES - detailed comments on each of the spreads, including
their significance, additional information not shown in graphics (such
historical background), sources and shortcomings of data, and
expressions of gratitude for all those who helped in the production of
the book


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