Marxist Feminism

Tue Nov 8 07:38:24 MST 1994

Doug Henwood: there have been major advances in feminist political economy
in recent years. Try the articles by Fraad, Resnick & Wolff in the
journal Rethinking Marxism (1989,1991 etc), where they develop much
work on the Communist Household structure as the most egalitarian and
the one where there have been some minimal inroads in reality. The work
of Mary O'Brien on the Politics of Reproduction (bit old 1980s). Plus
the many works by members of the femecon network members (I'll place
a memo on how to subscribe soon). Also, it is important to link race,
gender, class, nation, etc in a general theory of hegemonic structures
(see the work of Ann Jennings as well as Bill Dugger).

No, the main emphasis of feminist analysis is not necessarily the
traditional nuclear family; although that is important. Once you
get into the deap questions of gender, class and race etc as
important themes linked together the world opens up (as you know
vis-a-vis class, race, nation etc).     cheers    Phil O'Hara


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