Marxist Feminism

wesley david cecil wcecil at
Tue Nov 8 11:58:36 MST 1994

Thanks for the post.  I agree that patriarchial relations and
capitalist/class relations are different but overlapping power systems
that often, although perhaps not always, reinforce each other.  On this
line I think it is interesting that the continued expansion of captialism
has undermined first the extended family and now the nuclear family thus
rewriting the "private" social space of the exploitation of women's
domestic labor(by eliminating the domestic). To my mind this is what the
far right is complaining about with the decline of the family argument.
 I am also interested in how we account for the relative levels of power
shared amongst people of all classes races so that Gene Kirkpatrick has a
lot more power as a well educated wealthy woman than many middle class
white males, who for their part have more power than middle class women,
and so on til we bottom out probably in the Saudi and Egyptian household
slave markets in which phillipino, malaysian and other impoverished young
boys and girls are sold into manual and sexual servitude.  In other
words, how do we account for the huge range of power differences that are
inflected by  class/race/gender?



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