Liberate the Male

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                        LIBERATE THE MALE

                         Men of the Earth:

We must liberate the male from female oppression. For thousands
of years has the male railed under the yoke of the unmerciful
tyrant, woman. It is time to smash our chains!
     Women have destroyed human expression, human emotion. Women
have time and again proven themselves to be the enemy of all that
lives. Women intentionally negate the bonds that hold us
together. They fear the inherent strength in the male, so they
have split us asunder. It is time for a new brotherhood.

                    The Jealousy of the Female

The vindictive persecution and culture of oppression perpetrated
and designed by the man-hating female has its root in jealousy.
Women hate the inborn power of men to create and nurture. In the
testicles of a male human swims humanity in its most primeval
form. We are sacred carriers of the future of our race. They know
that it is from the Phallus that all love flows. Women have no
penises. They are naught but the receptacles for the seed of
creation. Men have the power to create life--something our
oppressors have never been able to forgive. They have pitted us
against one another, they have scoffed at our attempts to create
love. Women are hollow, so they gave sought to make men mirror
their emptiness by refusing to exchange the emotions and images
that make our race different from nematodes. They have in many
cases succeeded: Impotency is on the rise among males, the
emptiness of the human soul betraying itself physically. The
woman will laugh at this victory, this murder her kind has
caused.... "He can't satisfy me." True to base female form, they
lower the most pure act of human communication, the holy ritual
of reproduction, to an act of personal gain. Females lie beneath
us, waiting to be serviced, often refusing even minimal
participation in the act of creation.
     Women hate men for their penises, and hate themselves for
their lack of them. Women are obsessed with the penis, the symbol
of life. It is only man who carries the seed and who bestows it,
willingly, as a gift to an ungrateful beast, woman. How many
rapes of males result in pregnancy? None. Without the divine
inspiration of the male, the race would not continue. Without our
semen, women are nothing. They know this, and make themselves our
enemies from birth.

                         Feminism is Genocide

Many of today's "feminists" are just bloated cows, reaping the
benefits of their mothers' vileness. The truth behind this
sinister sisterhood is horrifying. "Feminists" would reinforce
the walls that woman has built. They would foist upon men the
responsibility for this world they are destroying, the guilt for
centuries of slaughter. They would have us believe that all these
horrors began with "patriarchal" society. Brothers, there has
never been such a thing. The first fifteen thousand years of
human culture were openly matriarchal. It is only in the last
eight that the woman, in her interests, has allowed some
semblance of control to fall into the hands of the male.
     History (*her*-story) is filled with examples of *true*
feminism: the beginning of organized warfare, slave branding,
etc. The langir culture (of Mesopotamian origin) carried out
bizarre rites in their goddess worship ceremonies: Virgin males
were forced to fight to the death before a court of women. The
high priestess would then castrate the corpse and immediately
devour the testicles--in an effort to capture the power of the
male. The victor would then share the bed of the priestess and in
the morning was killed.
     Women still enjoy pitting men against each other. War. The
female stands behind these orgies of destruction, promising
emotional succor to the victors...each gory body another on the
altar, lives sacrificed to the fury of the hatred of woman. Men
are *still* branded--circumcised. The female owners used
particular patterns in branding the penises of their newborn
males. Some women held as many as 2,000 male concubines at any
one time...some keeping constant rotation between the sacrificial
altar and the bedroom.
     They complain of nonexistent oppression, telling us we are
responsible for their jealousy and hatred, but when we offer
love, they chide us and snigger behind our backs. When we offer
to one another, we are ridiculed and snubbed. They turn to their
sisterhood when they are in pain.... Whom does the male have to
turn to? Denied our heritage of love and creation, we wallow in
agony. And just as she has done for thousands of years, the
feminist laughs.

                    Women Provide the Proof

Women worship and hate men. They surround themselves with
information on how to manipulate men. They cover themselves in
masks and lies, afraid to face themselves because of the truth
they find there. When a man strikes a woman, they react as a
master struck by a slave...indignant and furious. Women's
violence toward men condoned. Our society caters to the rights of
women. Only 5 percent of the women charged with sexual assault on
a male are ever sentenced to prison time at all...and certainly
not with the vehemence with which men are punished for the same


Some brothers argue for random assaults, both sexual and
psychological, on the oppressor...but we want to look to other
solutions. We DEMAND mandatory clitoridectomies for all women
(for the sake of preventing cancer of the vulva). We DEMAND equal
punishment for the crimes of women. We DEMAND an end to the
forcing of manual labor jobs on the male whilst the females spend
time with our male children and destroy them with their
"motherhood." We WITHHOLD our sexuality from the female. Without
it, the female withers and becomes even more evil, eventually
turning to each other for "love" (lesbianism). In a pathetic,
perverse parody of human joining, they will rock back and forth
against each other's vaginas, seeking the release that only a
male can give....


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