patriarchs and dead patriarchy (Justin-Tom)

tgs at tgs at
Tue Nov 8 20:27:31 MST 1994

By the way, that last point you made about how patriarchs can't exist without
patriarchy misses the point.  Ann Ferguson said that the dual systems
theorists believe that MEN are a class, like the Capitalists.  Of course,
patriarchs can't exist without patriarchy, but that's just an irrevant tautology
, unless you're saying that all men are patriarchs, and that men
can't exist without patriarchy.  I doubt very much that you believe this, from
what you've already said, and this is why I glossed over it, to simply
reply that I think that you and I are pretty much in agreement on this issue
(PRAISE THE LORD MARX ALMIGHTY!) except for the semantics--which I do
consider important.  Yes indeed, call it anything you want--except exploitation.
Because that launches us right into the dual systems trap.  And in case you
haven't noticed, Justin my MAN, that would place both of us on the other side
of the barricades.



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