dual systems and adaptation in general

Ann Ferguson aferguso at benfranklin.hnet.uci.edu
Tue Nov 8 21:33:26 MST 1994


	I think Justin has done a good job of stating my views about the
situation of men and women in capitalist patriarchy being structured as
both exploitative and oppressive so I wont go over ground he has already
covered.  I dont think fears that we may not have a common ground to
unite against the system should lead us to ignore the very real splits we
face because of institutionalized privileges.  It is not "liberal" to
point these out, nor is it helpful to label these this way. No liberal
thinker would be caught dead arguing that men exploit women!!  By the
way, I think a parallel argument can be made that whites as a group
exploit African-Americans because of the still existing racial division
of labor, although as that heterogeneous labor situation breaks down
because of Black unemployment what we seem to be left with is oppression
due to racial segregation and poverty. In any case, the tri-systems
theory of social domination systems doesnt imply that there is no way to
make coalitions to fight social inequality.   All we have to do is to
realize that as social animals people can forge political alliances based
on a moral-social interest in achieving an accepted historical-political
ideal, in this case, political equality which leftists can argue requires
economic and social equality.  And although our material group interests as
whites, or men, or middle class prof. workers, may oppose those of people
of color, women, and working class proper workers, our moral-social
interests can be engaged to form radical coalitions around
anti-capitalist economic and social democratic demands.  If this be petty
bourgeois liberalism and challenging the base/superstructure distinction,
then make the most of it!! I dont think reductionism gained us anything
in the past and I dont think it will in the future!!

	In solidarity
	Ann Ferguson
	aferguso at uci.edu


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