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Wed Nov 9 09:10:55 MST 1994

Fight the Power? Who are you kidding? If you're going to fight "power'
and engage in a critique of hierarchy and domination, you have to do it
in an egalitarian manner, or all your egalitarian pretensions are blown
out of the water. Bunch of fucking lames, you are. The dictatorship of
the cooletariat is still a dictatorship. Fuck any special interest that
has nothing to do with *my* liberation. "Empowerment"? Kiss my ass!

For the lame pro-situ wing of the autonomist international,

Tad "My negation is negated" Kepley

Why has everyone allowed the discussion on this list to degenerate so
ridiculously? Have a bunch of sexually repressed party hacks come on
line to try and make us all feel guilty for the fact that their
love-lives suck or make us all as miserable as they are? Let's get back
to the discussion of how to get us *ALL* out of this mess.

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Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 13:02:03 -0600 (CST)
From: Terry Rample <trample at>
Subject: so suess me

I hate niggers,
I hate spics.
I hate angry chicks with dicks.

I hate cops,
I hate drunks.
I hate crassholes and "crusty" punks.

I hate queers and human steers.
Skoptzi castrati don't come near.
I like cows, cattle I don't hate-
They quit mooing on my plate.

I hate cars,
I hate clocks.
I hate homeboys smoking rocks.

I like skag,
It gives me hope.
When I've booted, I don't mope.

I hate people all around.
I want them all to be underground.
I hate money, but I hate being broke;
I hate dorks who can't take a joke.


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