blacks as class (to ann)

tgs at tgs at
Wed Nov 9 16:34:13 MST 1994

One more point about this notion of blacks as class. Not only can't white
workers pay them, but, unlife women workers, blacks don't even perform labor,
let alone uncompensated labor, for white workers.  To imagine that they do is to
confuse privileges and special oppressions within an economic system controlled
by somebody else, with exploitation.  It is in fact to engage in specious
analogies, not science.

I don't see why the notion that women and blacks are specially oppressed in
this society, often with the stupid complicity of many if not most whites/
males, isn't sufficient. What is so insufficient about it that you have to
reduce all special oppressions into class oppressions?  This is basically
a reduction of political economy into the liberal moral categories of
good and evil.

When you start reducing all special oppressions to classes, you make the idea
of class meaningless, and anyway useless as a means of comprehending the system
that oppresses us and the things we need to do to fight it.

 Would you say
that liberals would be exactly against that?  If you talk about class only to
make the concept meaningless, you're basically acting as a Trojan horse within
the Marxist movement.


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