forward from the author of "liberate the male"

Andrew Hagen hagena at
Wed Nov 9 21:50:04 MST 1994

After inquiring with our friend the obnoxious misogyny advocate I
received this in response.

It appears that my initial assessment of the "liberate the male" crap as
spam was wrong. It was instead targeted directly at this list.

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Date: Wed, 9 Nov 1994 20:56:26 UTC
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Subject: Liberate the E-Mail

It's a joke, baby, a joke. It was intended to be a parody of U.S. radical
feminism circa 1970 (you know, the "Scum Manifesto," and all that--sure
you remember that stuff, heh heh). A parody of leftist whining and
nihilist ressentiment. I don't really advocate "rape is legitimate direct
action"; you'd have to be very dour and/or paranoid to think so. But just
think, the feminists who applauded Lorena Bobbitt are 'twisted sisters'
no less. Feminists--bah! Camille Paglia's got the drop on 'em
(notwithstanding that she is one herself!)

As for your list, who cares about it?

Son of Nechayev

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