Marx vs. Hayek, conscious action vs. utopianism

Andrew Hagen hagena at
Wed Nov 9 22:24:49 MST 1994

this will be very short.

On Mon, 7 Nov 1994, Justin Schwartz wrote:
> > earlier, Justin Schwartz also wrote this:

> > > ... the planning crowd has not produced attempts
> > >to answer the Mises-Hayek critique (MHC) of planning. They prefer to
> > >attack markets instead.
> Well, look at how Andrew and Tom behave.

Let me confess that I have never read any Hayek, had never heard of Mises
before joining this list, and have no grasp of the intricacies of the
MHC. I do think that I have a vague grasp of the MHC, however, from
Justin's descriptions of it.

I feel however, that it is not really a critique of communist planning as
much as it is a critique of economic planning given many assumptions,
such as that the production of resources can be understood from a solely
economic perspective. If the entire political and social structures were
transformed would the MHC apply anymore?

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