anticipation of demand

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Thu Nov 10 01:59:43 MST 1994

On Mon, 7 Nov 1994 Steve.Keen at unsw.EDU.AU wrote:

> Andrew Hagen wrote:
> |The problem is one of democratic organization and thus it is ridiculous to
> |attempt to map out ahead of time exactly how such a society will work...
> So if the problem "is one of democratic organization", shouldn't you
> be developing agreed concepts of the above _before_ you go about starting
> a revolution? Or is "democratic organization" supposed to emerge
> spontaneously in the process of revolution? Just as it has in previous
> ones...

Yes, I think this should be done. It is not ridiculous to map out ahead
of time what changes will be made, and what the goals of the revolution

But even if we had a big bunch of books and papers on this, and had
expressed most of the ideas into popular writings which were extremely
widely read, that would not guarantee success of the revolution. A likely
cause of failure of the rev. is always political resistance and the
threat of real dictatorship. Not all the books and papers in the world
can stop such a ghastly occurence, only activism can.

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